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Some of my   paintings

Some of my    drawings

Some of my    ceramic   pieces.

 Exhibitions   I've had starting 1961

 Letters  and L. A. Times review, etc..

My theory about light,
which I hope you don't take    lightly

We all have our favorites,.. here  are some of mine.

Collection of    Poems

A Way To Fight    Colds

       You may consider my art as freeware, but credit for the 
    photographs remains in my copyright.  In the event that you 
    would like to publish a picture,  PLEASE  give me the credits, 
    and share with me a copy of any publication.   I look upon this
    collection, which was made with love, as my gift to the people 
    of the world.  It is my personal endeavor to to make this a better 
    place to live.  I want to believe that life is good, and possibly
    help others to think and feel the same. 

        If you are interested in any further information, please 
    do contact me via     E-mail.   Or, send a "snail-mail" letter. 

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 Links  I've gathered during an occasional surf
on the Net.

     Thank you for the visit.
Do tell your loved ones about this site.
They will love you for it.

The meaning of    life

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