How Things Came To Be

(Excuse me Albert Einstein, but.....)

Fellow citizens of the world, I will be making an attempt to explain in simple English, a great fallacy, perhaps the biggest lie being propagated concerning the contents of our planet. I will attempt to explain, and by doing so, expose the greatest lie perpetrated and sustained, solely for market and monetary profit. I wish to state affirmatively that there is no such thing as "fossil fuel". We have inherited the euphemism fossil fuel, but the time has come for a change, to see things in another light, and to understand the true nature of our planet, where and how it came to be. We are living in a society heavily dependent on all kinds of fuels. The main source of our energy fuels are derived from crude oil that is pumped up from within the earth. And it is this product I wish to clarify. It is NOT, the biological remains of fauna and flora. Crude oil was produced inside the greatest machine in the universe, the Black Holes. We've all heard by now, that Black Holes are able to suck in all matter and even light. Nothing escapes the combined gravitational and electromagnetic force of a Black Hole. I firmly believe that the matter that is drawn within is being compacted into even heavier matter, and that light is being transformed into coal, oil and heavier gases. I also believe that since everything can "burn" and glow eventually becoming bright light, it is possible to say that the light from all that has burned, when collected, condensed and compacted, will be transformed into most of the elements to be found in the Periodic Table. Light is the combination of matter and energy. Black Holes extract the energy while condensing and compacting all matter and light. Minus the energy, light becomes atoms, the building blocks of matter. Energy being heat,..when reinserted into matter, will kick into motion the atoms to behave as light once more, moving in a straight line; just like a "beam of light". When I heat up the corner of a sheet of paper,..using the heat from a match stick flame, the atoms in the paper will expand, and the electrons will speed up as the atoms expand. They will eventually take on the properties of light. Since there is not enough matter to maintain a continuous "chain reaction" the paper will glow as the atoms approach light speed, "burning" for only a few seconds and cease. Oil and uranium are products of light. Both are produced in Black Holes. Both when injected with high temperatures,...will return to light again. It requires no more than a few hundred degrees to transform or "ignite" oil into light. But uranium requires nearly 4000 c. degrees, because there are at least 92 electrons per atom to be re-ignited, or as I would declare it; 92 electrons which will be returned to light. Oil having only a few electrons, requires less heat,..less energy with which to set it in motion again,...moving as light, or behaving as the property of light. The planet we all inhabit is a composite, predominately of oil and gas. As you have seen,..I have placed at the top, the equation C=mc2. Light, equals matter, times the speed of light squared. Einstein wrote in his famous equation,...Energy, equals matter, times the speed of light squared. I believe the proper equation should use the term Light, instead of Energy. Einstein explained it with a misnomer, "the force of energy", when it should be termed the "force of light". A particle of uranium, injected with the proper amount of heat, will glow, and then explode in a flash of concentrated light, filling the surroundings with the concentrated force of expanding light. An atomic "explosion" is a massive return of matter (compacted light), to its original form of light. We know that galaxies collide. Black Holes are also colliding, losing their contents,..having it sprayed out in the universe. Now comes a question. What is all the "Dark Matter" scientist are talking about that they know is "out there"? My guess is that a large portion of it must be what we call "crude oil".

To be continued with additions and revisions!
updated: February 1, 2002


Carl D. Toothman
Date: June 27, 1996

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