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     I've spent many years involved in sports, 
specializing in athletics.  I held the decathlon 
record in Panama for several years.  Started training 
for track competition at 14 and stopped when I 
reached the age of 33.

During this time, I abstained from all alcoholic beverages and smokes of all kind. There has been an occasional toast for a special occasion.

If you think of your life as a long journey, the last leg of the journey will depend largely on how you've prepared or abused your precious body. With good health, you might catch a "second wind" and go a bit further. I'm counting on that. Life can be a wonderful experience, if we do our best with it. Think of all the unavoidable pollution. We don't have to add to it with extra self-abuse. Spare yourself, your loved ones, and your future. And if you have children, you must never forget that what you do, is far more important than what you say. The children of today, in these troubled times, need the good examples they can get.

Photo: When I belived in Santa. (age: 7)
Ancon, Canal Zone of Panama   1947