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And the answer is: Drinking garlic water.

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            For a long time I was having a difficult time battling 
     colds.   I used to have at least 4 or 5 colds a year, and they 
     were always long and troublesome.   At times, I would catch 
     "piggy back" colds.   One starting and then another, just as I 
     would be getting well again. 

                   I HATE HAVING COLDS!   

            They were beginning to scare me.   Always had in the back 
     of my mind that I would die young as my mother did.  She died 
     at the age of 27, of Hodgkin's disease, a cousin of tuberculosis. 
     I was determined to do my  best to find a solution for the 
     common cold, doing research on my own, digging deep into 
     encyclopedias and gathering together tidbits of common-sense 
     and hearsay.  

            Then the pieces to the grand puzzle fell into place and I 
     started my experiment.   It began more than three years ago, 
     and this is what I discovered.   If you rinse your nostrils 
     daily, keeping them clean, and drinking natures' best form of 
     chemo-therapy, water spiced with raw garlic, you can avoid 
     catching the common cold.  

            The combination of cleaned nostrils and raw garlic spiced
     water, is the best thing you could invest in, time-wise and 
     money-wise.   I grant you it will take a lot of discipline, but 
     consider it worth it when you "earn" your good health. 
             You need not worry about the odorous smell one experiences 
     when meeting someone who has had a meal spiced with garlic.   
     Though garlic may contribute to enhancing the taste of cooked 
     meat, garlic smells negative when combined with digesting cooked 
     meat, in the stomach.   But, if you drink the garlic-spiced-water 
     at night, before going to bed, after the morning breakfast, the 
     smell will no longer linger on your breath.   Trust me.   Give it 
     a try.   I also discovered that my sleep improved.  

              On November 19, 1999  I was struck with a ten day flu, making
     my  25 months and 15 days  a  new personal record.     Since the 
     flu is a virus, I don't think that drinking garlic water will prevent 
     it from happening.   I've used a thinned out garlic and water, as
     nose drops,  and it certainly helped to stave off having many many  
     days of a running nose.   Now it only lasted about 3 days.   If I
     had avoided people altogether, I could  have avoided catching the
     flu.   When you sit in the same car with  someone coughing a few
     times, you are bound to catch the flu.    As  bad as it is to be 
     sick, I would never become a hermit to avoid being  sick.   That 
     would only make me sick in another way that I'm not willing to 

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Run Away World of Japan

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Run Away World of Japan

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