While I have the chance, I would like to dedicate my Homepage to the following people who have in more ways than one, contributed to the collection of my artwork by being gracious, patient and most helpful, giving me the opportunity to share my gift with all peoples of the world. I Thank them all most sincerely, and hope they feel the glory of spreading hope and love through my visions, which I now wish to share with you all.

Dedicated to the following:

Run Away World of Japan

Ingvar Andersson - Halmstad, Sweden

Mr. Andrew Annenberg - Hawaii, U.S.A.

Anne Annfält - Halmstad, Sweden

Mrs. Cara Barker - California, U.S.A

Mrs. Sally Constantino - California, U.S.A

Christa Rieger Falkman - Halmstad, Sweden

Maud Fries - Stockholm, Sweden

Edna Granström - Halmstad, Sweden

Mis Grave - Sweden

Mr. David Hauptman - California, U.S.A.

Mrs. Candy Hawblitz - Kentucky, U.S.A.

Miss Carol Heap - California, U.S.A.

Mrs.Jackie Heichel - Pa. U.S.A.

Arne & Mary Johansson - Halmstad, Sweden

Gunnel Karlsson - Halmstad, Sweden

Annamari Laamanen - Onttola, Finland

Britt-Marie Larsson - Halmstad, Sweden

Mrs. Colleen Lorenson - Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.

Mrs. Mary McCambridge - San Jose, California, U.S.A.

Mrs. Joan Martin - California, U.S.A.

Mrs. Sunny Ward-Murdoch - California, U.S.A.

Mr. Christoph J. Mutter - Austria

Kristina Paulsson - Halmstad, Sweden

Birgitta Persson - Halmstad, Sweden

Ulf Pettersson - Sweden

Marie Ringius - Halmstad, Sweden

Ulla Roddy - Stockholm, Sweden

Ulf Sandberg - Halmstad, Sweden

Mrs. Francis Shaw - Santa Monica, California. U.S.A.

Kristian Stehn - Halmstad, Sweden

Mr. Scott Taylor - Ohio, U.S.A

Janne Thörnquist - Sweden

Mr. Tony Tiano - Calif. U.S.A.

Konstantin Tsilis - Halmstad, Sweden

Mr. William Wilson - Pacific Palisades, Calif. U.S.A.

Fru Annette Wolff - Sweden

Ritva Öberg - Stockholm, Sweden

And a very special thanks to my father, reddot John A. Toothman,
to my stepmother Mrs. Irene B. Toothman,
to all my brothers and sisters,
and last of all, but not least,
to the loving memory of my mother reddot  Anita E. Purcell.

Run Away World of Japan

Thank you, thank you all, so very much.

Carl D. Toothman