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June 9, 1998 From: CrackerNme Carl, I am no expert in this field at all, I do however have a love of creating on paper with many varied mediums but I just felt that I had to let you know how wonderful the images are that you have captured. There is such 'soul' to every image. I am 30 years old and a nursery school teacher for the past 10 years, however I decided that I should follow my passion of 'art' and am returning to full time ed in Sept to study Visual arts. You really have inspired me even more than I was before. Thank you. Jacqueline
June 14, 1998 From: W4joy Your work is from the heart. Anytime you wish to send me something, please do. Wanda
June 17, 1998 From: DewRun1954 Thank you so much for sharing your art. I put your link in my favorite places so that I can spend more time and check out the rest of your page. I really like your art, I like the way you present it on your page, the kinda of sad shots as well as the happy shots like the "doll and the doll" and the boy with the cat. years ago, on the CBS show Sunday Morning they did a story on an artist that like you started with a Kodak Brownie and like you worked in black and white, but most of his work was made you think but was so sad. I almost got started once.... I wish I had...LOL send me that ole Kodak and a roll of back and white...Carl you take care and keep up the good work. Ron
June 17, 1998 From: Charleengl YOU are a very talented artist.....I am so glad you sent this to me * Thank You* Love, Charlee
June 17, 1998 From: Nora03 Carl Thanks for the web site. I enjoyed looking. My dad was a photographer. Your work looks great
June 24, 1998 Received: from CleverQT14 I am 13 and a female from America - I enjoy reading others web pages so I decided to take a look at yours - The pictures you take are amazing. You have a talent with the camera. I mean I've never seen such pizzazz in someones photos as yours. It's as if they're doors to another life and I can feel the thought and poise in all of your pictures - I commend you on all the photos and hope in the future I will have as much talent with something I love as much as you do with taking pictures! Sincerely, Danielle
June 24, 1998 AMONTEREY I typed in "Sweden" in the AOL directory and found your name, then found your website. I haven't had a chance to browse it carefully, but it's very impressive. I'm a physician in Massachusetts, but have an interest in the arts and also Sweden. I'm also very curious about that. What your thoughts are. Kind regards, Lynn Shepler, MD, JD
June 25, 1998 From: "Carrie Knapton" I live in the United States. My grandparents came from Sweden and I was searching for information about the culture when I came across your site. I was happy to view the Swedish landscapes, and also admired the several portraits from the former duchess, to the Guatamalan boy to the refreshing young children. The Ansel Adams of human nature! The photographs are classics from their rich tonal values and striking, quiet innocence. It's rare when I come across someone's work which is genuine and honest, especially when these characteristics come through a photograph. You've mastered capturing a moment that's not staged or artificial. It sparks my curiousity, drawing me in through intimacy, not through screams demanding attention. I was wondering if you sold prints. I'm sure the prices vary, if you have a list, could you please send one? With best wishes, Carrie
July 5, 1998 From: Natasha76 Carl, You have a great site and I LOVE your work. I haven't gotten through all your work yet but I will slowly. There is so much. I have been trying to get a site going for my art stuff. I am a photographer too, but only for fun. Nothng like what you have. I see that you like children. My personal favorite. If you find the right child, they will be your best model. They look straight into the lens. makes me shiver. Great stuff Carl.... Natasha
July 12, 1998 From: kitty roach Hi Carl, I paid a visit to your site - and explored your art - what beautiful work you do. I especially love the images of people, you catch the emotional quaility in each expression. I also very much appreciated your lighting use, this enhances the feeling. And they feel real. I learned something at your site and I thank you for this as well as your kind note. Your site is a total success! Everyone I send your address to,....has been thrilled by it. :o) Your art spreads good cheers!! Thank you for being you,..for making the things you do..... Have a happy creative day... Have a wonderful life, My best,
July 13, 1998 From: Paul Elia Looked at your pics. I can see why you call them art. Will be back when I can spend more time. Thanks for sending me your address. Louie
July 14, 1998 From: GambleReno Your site was recommended in an artist's chat room. After visiting I can see why. You have captured emotion and depth, and have created a very emotionally enjoyable site. Thank you very much! Mike

July 18, 1998 AJohnstonh: Tooth, I am impressed ToothOwl: thank you Aj !! AJohnstonh: have not gotten thru room 2 yet. Very touching. ToothOwl: Aj....feel free to pass the link to your friends AJohnstonh: thanks Tooth...I will

July 28, 1998 From: AubsPap Mr. Toothman, It gives me great honor to have looked at your work. The photography, I must admit, I loved the most. You have very nice work. What all did you have to do to be able to become a professional photographer like that, and what schooling did you have to take? I would love to find out more about it, please get back to me, when you have more time. Thank you Aubrey

July 28, 1998 From: KCoreyArt I did get a chance to visit your web site. Wow.....loaded with all kinds of stuff. I'm glad to meet someone so willing to share their life, their innards and outards! Your sensitivity to the elderly impressed me very much, Perhaps because of my own love for that subject. I like that your work doesn't seem staged or posed. From my own experience, I know that this can be a difficult thing to master.....applaude! And, Yosimite National Park is my favorite place on earth to date.....Ansel Adams really had inspiring subject matter, no wonder he is THE great one! Anyway.....catch me on line sometime....don't know what the time difference will do for/against us....but I am on at all kinds of weird times. Sincerely Kristina
July 30, 1998 Tooth, Dejame ir a verlas ok? wowwwwwwwww Jurame que son tuyas las fotos?????? Estan bien lindassssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oye.... toothhhhh, eres un artista!!!!!!!!!! maginificas fotos !!!!! estupendas ! wowwwwwww estan super suaves !!!!! yeapppp claro ! Es fotografo! y son super suaves! artisticas SkY_GirL alais tu-mamita-linda
August 2, 1998 From: chavala Dear Carl, It took me a few days to go through most of your links... I am speechless! I find myself to be extremely critical of the 'arts' i.e. paintings, drawings etc. Your work is ABSOLUTELY beautiful.. Your use of shadows and light is beyond perfection! I am so partial to b&w photos.. You have been able to capture the pure and honest emotions in so many of the children's faces, including body language which makes the audience really 'feel' what the children are feeling 'right at that moment'!! I was especially touched by the 'Slight Sweet Shyness' Sweden '95' .. she actually looks a lot like me at that age. :) The 'self portrait' was excellent...pencil, pastel, ??? And then of course your ceramics and paintings are also outstanding. You are so accomplished and have been very blessed with such a gift!!! As I was going through all of the photographs, I tried to keep in mind your short stories... many of your photos have a long loading time - Are there any photo's there (which I may not have seen) which might compliment your stories? And a not so long loading time? If so, don't send an attachment to this email address...I have problems trying to open them. Just let me know if you want pic's to compliment your stories and the names of the photo's. I will download them and then upload onto my site! As well with your permission, I would like to add a link to your page from my homepage called 'Links I Love to Visit' ... If you'd like I could also place a link from the short story pages if you include your photos, thereby giving you due credit!!!! Again Carl - Thank you for sharing your gift!!!! Eva

August 10, 1998 From: EnGelKuSeN Hei~ I felt more than a little odd writing to someone that I really do not know. I guess I should tell you how I came across your site. I am Suomi (Finnish) living in the United States of America. I just recently got this evil little box that I type to you today upon. I use it to keep in contact with friends and family in Lahti, Finland. Where I am from. It is alot cheaper then the $500 plus phone bills that I have a tendency to create. Anyway, I also use the computer to fight terrible fits of home sickness. One of which struck last night in the wee hours of the morning. I am not very good at the use of this machine yet and do not know its full potential to enhance my life. I could not find much on Finland so I decided to search for Sweden. There I found your site. The photos that you have chosen to display are beautiful. I have chosen the one of your sisters as my favorite. I like the one of the young girl on the bus also. I do not wish to be a bother so I will not keep you with my babble. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your work on the internet. It made a home sick Finnish girl feel a little better. And what are we here for on this planet if not to assist our fellow man in their struggle called life. thank you again~ ejaana
August 15, 1998 From: Soceim I admit, I have not seen all of your works. but I really adore the ones that I have seen. I was never particularly a fan of works with a small piece of nature upon a large piece of nature, although I have seen ones like that and yours are very nice. The works with people are incredible. I want to take pictures like that. I would love to take pictures and those are what I would like mine to look like. It's especially nice because a place I like to frequent is the Santa Monica pier, more the promenade really, a lane with street artists (I am one), but the pier is a place I have a heart for. Your works are really quite nice, I wouldn't go on this long about them if I didn't think so. Kristeen
August 18, 1998 From: Ladeeda86 I think that you're pictures are really great! Keep up the good work!
August 29, 1998 From: Mariefm Hello Carl, I'm pleased to say I found your webpage. I was browsing thru members profiles looking for photographers online, came across you, looked up your wepage and by the time I came back you were gone!!! It is very interesting the pieces I have seen so far. I like the dandelion on cross but I am sure there will be many more. And of course am looking forward to the poetry. I photograph mainly in monochrome, landscapes with a bit of my soul in them. One day when I invest in a scanner I shall do my own webpage. Why have you settled on sweden ? It has never seemed to me to be the most philosophical of places and from your profile I think you think, move, expand and retract!!!!!. etc. etc. Look forward to seeing the rest of your photos Marie PS--Just read you biography---WoW

Name: nami
From: sweden September 6, 1998
jag råkade stranda på din hemsida på en surfingstur, och vad hittade jag-underbart sällskap som verkligen inte tröttar ut mig-här jag kan gömma mig, glömma bort tiden och drömma om en ljusare framtid. Tack igen! Jag väntar otåligt på att få se mer!
September 7, 1998 From: SJack9943 Hi..... Got in, wonderful photos..... Checked out your drawings, paintings and ceramics.... Chimes & music....fantastic....animation.....terrific! Lots of fun & enjoyment.....thanks again Sharan
September 10, 1998 From: Tink2u I love your work . . .you're amazing.
September 13, 1998 From: Seona Craig It's great!...............a real gift. Seona
September 15, 1998 From: ElectricDs Hello Carl, Thanks for the mail and the link, I toured around, and I like your work....The one that caught my eye the most was not a photo, but of your paintings. It had no tittle, my best way to identify it would be 'surrealist fish'. Frank
Larry Latham Website: Larry & chers Personal page September 15, 1998 Loved the Pics ! Like the way you use light and dark. I see you have traveled the world and the people you saw attracted your talented eye. The landscapes are awsome. Thanks for sharing.. Larry Latham Larry & chers Personal page

Nanina Hawk September 25, 1998 Beautiful photos, and artwork. I have enjoyed visiting, thanks for sharing. Nina

October 2, 1998 From: "Heidi Fanning" Hello. I wandered into your website through The Lost Paradise. I lived in California for my first 15 years, then in Panama (Chilibre, then Curundu) for a few more before returning to California for college. I returned to Panama in 1973 and stayed until last year. I have also been to Sweden and loved it. Your photos are wonderful. As is the whole content of your site. Your site returned me to Sweden, to California and to Panama. Thank you for this pleasurable journey. Sincerely, Heidi

Jenny Falter October 19, 1998 Hi Carl, I thought I would let you hear from me.. You know how I love your photographs. Gotta go write an essay. Love,
Jenny, Jenny, Jenny

Frank Pereira Panama, C.Z. November 6, 1998

Great pictures. How come so little from Panama? Been to Panama Lately? Check it out, it's changed a great deal.
PTY Productions

November 11, 1998 From: Wiccazen Dear Carl, I want to say thank you for the opportunity to experience your art work as I was looking and reading. I can see what you mean about photographic work, I never saw it that way before. I cried while visiting your sight because I no longer draw. I have been ill and depressed for a long time now and seeing your work makes me realize how much I love art and sharing it with others. I am glad you sent me this. It has touched me deeply to know art isn't just for making money, that some people still use their emotions when they create and it seems your work is a true part of or extension of who you are. I already have a few favorites. The choice of music was perfect, a nice touch, it set a mood which influenced my thoughts and feelings about what I was viewing. Thanks for your thoughtfulness in letting me view your work please keep in touch. Bless You,

November 16, 1998 From: Elenah77
I should have looked at your web site before I sent you an e-mail. I saw some of your photography and I think it is absolutely amazing, fantastic! You should not have a thin wallet with such beautiful art. I wish you a lot of luck in the world, you deserve it. MariaElena
IGypsy J November 19, 1998 I love your work!! and I love the person you are. I always come back to see it over and over!!

December 11, 1998 Sarah Your pictures are simply amazing! I love them!

February 2, 1999 Bradley Morgan I have come to love B&W photos a LOT better than color ones. I have done a few myself for a friend's album cover and stuff. They turned out alright. Still looking through your pic. LOVE them so far!!
Bradley MORGAN

March 3, 1999 Cara Barker Hi, Carl. Beautiful web page (loved the owl hiding in the "wallpaper"). I'm going to encourage my friends to visit your site. Thinking of you!

March 19, 1999 soldiergrl Dear Carl, The guestbook was not able to connect with the computer I am using so I wanted to e-mail you and let you know what beautiful photographs you have presented to us. It has been a long week so I sat down to browse and see what I could find, something led me to this breathtaking page and it brought a smile back to my face. Thank-you for sharing your talent with the rest of the world. Sincerely, Anna
PS    I am a 20 year-old in the United States Army, originally from Iowa now stationed in Schofield Barracks, HI
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