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The graceful flight of geese. Halmstad, Sweden 2007
Of all the things I could try
would be to fly, before I die

But not to fly with silver wings
but using my very own things

like flying when asleep in bed
using no feathers nor wide webs.

Body rising up in the air
no falling, and without a care

such flying and feeling so free
just the way I'd like it to be

oh, have been a flighty bird
dropping only pieces of turd

not having to make decisions
to drop bombs of close precision

only the sound of human verse
shouting back a vehement curse

the only harm that poo could do
without spreading eternal doom

I never suffered being alone
through fields and valleys that I roamed

always the lovely song of birds
far beyond and close could be heard

You've been a tremendous delight
inspired my words to take flight

your wings and your colors so great
may your songs sooth our common fate

and to all those beautiful birds
I dedicate these last few words

I never cease to be amazed
how feathered wings move with such grace

Carl Toothman
May 2007